Easy Ways to Trade Bitcoin Legally in Indonesia That You Can Try

Foreign exchange trading or foreign exchange trading is commonly referred to as buying and selling foreign exchange for short. Launching Investopedia, Forex trading involves adjusting currencies between countries, especially for trade and tourism needs.

Forex trading Forex trading. Buying and selling currency can also occur due to the need for foreign exchange such as debt payments, exports and imports.

Based on data from the Bank for National Settlements (BNS), managed by the United States Federal Reserve Banks (USA), the daily volume of transactions in the foreign exchange market in 2016 amounted to more than USD 5.1 trillion.

In comparison, the volume of transactions on the world's largest stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, is stuck at $ 22.4 billion a day.

Easy Ways to Trade Bitcoin Legally in Indonesia That You Can Try

This phenomenon confirms that even if transactions on exchanges around the world are combined, their value will not exceed transactions in Forex trading. Plus, continuous forex trading for 24 hours affects the speed of money circulation.

This system differs from stock trading, which is only applied during business hours in accordance with the rules of the stock exchanges in each country. These rules make trading in stocks more restricted.

In forex trading, there are no official guides for determining the value of currencies, it all depends on the strength of supply and demand. Indeed, in some cases, multiple parties can influence the movement of trading in the foreign exchange market.

However, it takes quite a lot of money to promote the market. Many factors that influence exchange rates include interest rates, oil prices, and geopolitical and economic conditions.

By way of illustration, when the Federal Reserve or the Central Bank of the United States of America wants to lure the dollars in circulation in the world back to their countries, they will raise their base interest rates.

Under such conditions, the demand for the US dollar will increase significantly. As a result, the value of the currency will rise in relation to other currencies.

For forex investors who have US dollar deposits, they will certainly benefit if they sell at a higher rate.

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